PNW Air Freshie

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The ol' rearview dangler – not legal in all US states, but highly recommended for peak riding season when the smell of salty MTB gear baking in the sun turns your truck into a dank hot box (not the good kind). Fresh pine scent will waft through your senses and help distract you from the 4+ overly ripe homies crammed into the shuttle vehicle. Plus, this freshie is tastefully smaller than the average air freshener at 2.85x3.25". Danglin' a PNW Freshie is a real nice way to show your allegiance to PNW while keeping the stank at bay.

  • Open along the top of the bag.
  • Slide down the bag to expose the top of the triangle.
  • Expose more or less of the triangle to adjust the strength of your Freshie over time.
    • We suggest starting small, the scent of the Freshie is mighty.
  • Hang freely in your car, home office, garage, bike room, etc. Avoid direct contact with the Freshie and surfaces.