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coast EXternal +
puget 1X lever


coast external install



coast externally routed + loam LEVER INSTALL

coast EXternally routed + 1X PUGET LEVER INSTALL

coast externally routed + 2x puget lever install


How often do I need to service my post?

Is your post sticky, slowing down, or generally less peppy than it used to be? Then, it's likely time for a little TLC and to give it a service. Check out our manuals section for service details on each post. If it's not sticky or slowing down, just go ride!

Post sagging or dropping w/ out actuating the lever?

Check this setting first: If your cable tension is too tight, it can activate the post without you touching the lever. Try backing off of the cable tension a bit. If that doesn't do it, test the post without the cable attached to rule out a tension issue.

How do I adjust the return speed?

Externally routed posts actuate via an internal nylon cable, which can be adjusted for tension. Please loosen the fixing screw (that holds that nylon cable in place) and pull the cable taught. For the post to return quickly, it should be snug, but not overly tight to the point that it is dropping or returning without you actuating the lever. Then, tighten the fixing screw back up to secure it, and completely replace the threaded cap on snug, BEFORE trying to activate it. Here's a helpful video:

Can I spin the actuator collar?

Noooooo (slow motion running towards you) - do not attempt to spin the actuator collar on any of the externally routed posts. The collar is in a fixed position, as there is an internal nylon cable that runs throughout the post. This will break if the collar gets spun, and the post will not operate properly.

Coast Recommended PSI (lbs)

Rider Weight

110 -165 lbs:

200 - 230 psi

165 -240 lbs:

230 - 260 psi

240 - 275 lbs:

260 - 300 psi