Please Watch Video Below for Instructions on How to Swap a Dropper Post Actuator 



  • 2mm allen wrench
  • adjustable wrench
  • replacement actuator


  1. Use the adjustable wrench to unthread the old actuator from the dropper post body by rotating it in a counter-clockwise direction
  2. Unthread the actuator by hand and pull the lower tube towards the dropper's head away from the actuator, exposing the foam bumper
  3. Use a 2mm allen wrench and unthread the bolts located in the threads of the actuator and pull them all the way out. Set them safely aside YOU WILL NEED THESE LATER
  4. Remove the actuator from the cartridge shaft
  5. Remove the rubber bottom out bumper from the actuator. Set this aside YOU WILL NEED THIS LATER
  6. Grab the new actuator
  7. Place the bottom out bumper on the new actuator
  8. Slide new actuator onto the bottom of the cartridge
  9. Align the bolt holes on the actuator with the machined channels on the lower cartridge shaft
  10. Slide the bolts into the holes in the actuators threads using a 2mm allen wrench. Do not over tighten as they will come out the other end and not allow the actuator to be reinstalled. 
  11. With the actuator attached the the cartridge shaft slide the lower tube towards the dropper post body.
  12. Thread it into place by hand by rotating the lower assembly in a clockwise direction.
  13. Once hand tightened use the adjustable wrench to tighten firmly. No need to over tighten 
  14. Test your dropper post before installing it on the bike.

If you have any questions on the installation please reach out to our email at