Worldwide Cyclery Review: Bachelor Dropper Post

Worldwide Cyclery Review: Bachelor Dropper Post

Worldwide Cyclery, one of the largest one-stop-shop online bike shops, has given the latest version of the PNW Bachelor Dropper Post to staff member Reamonn Ryan for months of field testing. Reamonn reviewed the original version of the post, so he's the perfect person to see how the alterations between versions impacts both the Bachelor's performance and aesthetics. Read on to see what he thinks of the version 2 updates!  

Worldwide Cyclery Review: Bachelor Dropper Post

I was fortunate enough to receive the next iteration of the PNW Components Bachelor Seatpost a few months ago and have had the privilege to go on quite a few rides with it. Luckily, testing the newest version of the Bachelor came easy as I was running the previous version of the post. I did review the older model and you can see that here, however, there are some things I could have gone over better. So I will try to review this post just a little better than before.

PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post Reviewed by Worldwide Cyclery

Going into PNW Components as a brand, you will see a group of dedicated mountain bikers who are willing to take the risk in a saturated market of dropper posts. There are countless numbers of companies all dipping their feet in the dropper game and although some have shown to be successful, the market is filled with failures. Online reviews, forums, and keyboard warriors all contribute to the success or demise of a product. Fortunately enough, when you produce something you really believe in, it catches on and your work speaks for itself. This is the case for PNW and their incredible line of droppers that includes the Bachelor post.

Previous Version

PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post Reviewed by Worldwide Cyclery

Having ridden the previous model of the dropper post, I was happy but after some time there were little things that started to happen. I began to notice small stiction coming from the post and a slowing return speed. As many would react, I was surprised and irritated but after a quick 5-minute search on their website, I noticed that there was an easy service to be done to the post. Simply lubing the stanchion and adding some lost air pressure made the post feel brand new again. But then I hopped on the new version of the post.

Updated Version

The Updated version has quite a few noticeable differences and the first is the collar design with is no longer big and bulky but smaller and features a nicely etched design. I really like the aesthetics of this post much more than its predecessor. The second noticeable difference if you compare the two side by side is the stanchion diameter which was increased slightly.

PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post Reviewed by Worldwide Cyclery

Internally, the added stanchion diameter leads to a lighter, yet stiffer post. This is similar to the idea behind 30mm spindles on cranks but that is a different topic. Back on track, PNW has added a DU bushing to help wobble resistance (which we can all agree is the most annoying part of dropper posts…)

To sweeten the deal, PNW Components introduced a new size at 34.9mm so anyone on a Wreckoning stuck with a Reverb... cough... cough... can finally upgrade to something more “hassle-free”. Aside from the new diameter, each bachelor post will include a trusty Loam Lever in the box. The Loam Lever is the definition of a comfortable, high-end remote. You can read our review on it here or if you want to read how it compares to other remotes on the market, click here. OR just watch this video:

Initial Impressions

PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post Reviewed by Worldwide Cyclery

After installing the post, which literally took maybe 10-minutes, I decided to hit the trail and was not surprised by how smooth the post actuated nor by how consistent it raised and lowered. The post felt very similar to its predecessor. Luckily choosing the 170mm version of the post, I was able to slam the collar against the frame for the most amount of clearance available on my bike. I needed this as my bike sits very tall and the rockier sections we ride can often leave you bouncing over the bars much like a bull rider trying to maintain control.

With the post moving fast enough out of the way for those quick rock gardens, yet raising quick enough for a random climb, I found myself having a lot of fun on the trail. Having ridden slow-moving posts in the past, it makes a world of a difference having a post that moves quickly.


Diameter: 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
Length: 150mm, 170mm, 200mm
Lever Options: Loam Lever (22.2mm Clamp, MMX, Shimano ISPEC II), Puget Lever (1x or 2x), Drop Bar Remote
Routing: Internal
Color: Black
3-Year Warranty

Long-term Review

Over the past couple of months, I have started riding more often than not. The rains have cleared and summer is finally upon us. This means a lot of sunlight and a lot of dust and sand. The only thing to make for a bad time is all the climbing we have to endure just to reach a fun 45-second downhill. Luckily enough, the PNW Bachelor post has been holding up to my expectations. I went down a few times with the post both extended and compressed and no additional play has formed in the post.

PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post Reviewed by Worldwide Cyclery

Unlike the previous model, I have yet to experience any stiction or loss of return speed. About once a month I will unscrew the collar of the post and apply some Buzzy’s Slick Honey to make sure nothing ever dries up. Something you don’t have to do but with the convenience and ease of removing the collar, why not play it safe.

Pairing this with a PNW Loam Lever, my left thumb has been in heaven. The soft rubber padding is incredibly comfortable and quite relieving as the days get hotter and dryer. The rubber grip leaves me with enough grip while not destroying my skin like sandpaper.


"I would say that I am very pleased with the performance of the Bachelor Dropper Post. PNW has been doing a great job at creating durable components and although the older version of the post may not have needed many adjustments in my eyes, the slight tweaking they did, made quite a difference. A stiffer stanchion supports the longer travel we see on posts today. The DU bushing helps reduce play in the post. The overall aesthetics of the dropper are on point. What more would you want in a dropper post?" - Reamonn Ryan