If you follow our PNW Instagram, you’ve likely seen an @sinfinner edit. We love Damien’s videos that infuse his BMX background with flowy trail riding. Whether it be foot plants, tree rides, abubaca-ing (yes this is a thing), or flying through root sections there is always a level of fun and skill infused into his riding. So who is the man behind the handlebars? We asked Damien some questions below.

What got you hooked on biking? 

Having two older brothers that rode bmx got me on two wheels as a wee lad. 

What bikes are in your stable right now? What are you loving about them?

I have quite the quiver, Koniner (Kona Kula SS with Niner Ridgid fork for racing Ss XC), Lemonde Poprad, Trek Madone, Cannondale Scalpel carbon 29 and a Transition Smuggler to name a few... I mainly ride my Transition Smuggler. I love how much fun that bike is, especially with my PNW Bachelor Post, such a dependable daily trail slayer. I also should note my single speed cyclocross bike, it’s a Fairdale Parser with a PNW components Pine dropper. After installing a dropper on that bike it was like an entirely different bike. Also I will never leave out my Verde BMX, I owe all my bike handling skills to riding bmx bikes through out my youth...

You do some really cool moves/tricks on your bike (I know this question sounds soooo hip 
😂). What’s your fave trick to do on a bike and are there any in particular you are working on?
Why thank you! It’s hard to beat throwing a tabletop over a big hip. I also love doing fakie tree rides. I’m always working on integrating my bmx moves onto my trail bike. Hoping to get my toboggans and 360’s back in my bag... 
Who are some of your favorite riders?
Taj Mihelich inspired me through out my life with his originality, art, political views and constant innovation on his bicycle. For mtb riders; Jeff Kendall-Weed, Loosedog Lewis, and Ratboy come to mind. 
You are lucky enough to live on the Oregon Coast. What are your favorite trails in Oregon? Favorite trails outside Oregon?
Oakridge is always good, Cummins Ridge, and King’s Castle. I love Jug mtn. Ranch in Idaho as well as Stanley. Also, Tiger Mtn is amazing up in Washington. Basically PNW is my favorite! 
Any bike tech that’s excited you recently?
The pinion gearbox and what Sick bicycle co. has cooking is intriguing. 
Tech or Flow?
I can appreciate both!
We got to ask the question… what wheel size hits your sweet spot?
I’ve been on 29” wheels since I starting getting seriously into mountain biking... 20” for life! 😂🙌🏽🔥
Use 3 words to describe yourself…
Happy, funny and a little crazy. 
What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on the bike?
Fishing, playing bass, blowing glass, agate hunting, and I can’t leave out just doing nothing sometimes! 
What are you listening to right now?
Shannon and the Clams new album “Onion” at this very moment. I have been really getting a lot of Australian bands lately: King gizzard and the lizard wizard, Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett, and Methyl Ethly.