What's Being Said About the Loam Dropper?

What's Being Said About the Loam Dropper?

The Loam Dropper is the latest addition to the PNW Components’ dropper post family and replaces the Bachelor as our top tier post. With it’s compact body, tool-less travel adjust, and adjustable air cartridge, the Loam Dropper fits a wider range of bikes and riders than any of our previous posts. On top of that, you can even customize the Loam Post’s silicone mid cap band with any one of our 9 PNW colors to match your existing PNW cockpit components. It may very well be the post for you and your two-wheeled bestie, but don’t take our word for it. We can’t help but be biased. Watch Cody Kelley tear up the Utah foothills for good measure and then read on to see what the industry and fellow riders are saying about the Loam Post.


"PNW have yet again come out with a great option for an affordable and reliable dropper post… I have had the Loam post on my daily ride for several months at this point and have been riding it in poor conditions more than sunshine. The cartridge has performed flawlessly, and the main head seal has put up a winning fight against plenty of seal-wrecking, rain-saturated terra firma along with near-daily battles against my pressure washer." - Daniel Sapp, Pinkbike Technical Editor

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"PNW has quickly built a name for itself as a brand that does an impeccable job of balancing price with performance. The Loam dropper continues this tradition with a number of key refinements that make it a category leader. Shaving grams, reducing stack height and offering adjustable travel in a seatpost that retails for hundreds of dollars less than competitors' dropper posts, many of which are heavier, longer, and don't offer adjustable travel, makes a clear and resounding argument for why the Loam should be your next dropper post." - Josh Patterson

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Smooth Like Butter - Verified Customer Review

"Threw a Loam Dropper on the fatbike, then threw a super cold ride at it: minus 6 degrees F. The post worked flawlessly. My friend’s much more expensive and less buttery post couldn’t handle the cold. These posts are fantastic." - Brian M., Verified Customer

The PNW Components Loam Dropper Post Is Customizable to Match PNW Components Cockpits

Worldwide Cyclery

"We have been lucky enough to have a few months on the new PNW Loam Post, putting it through the stress of dropping it like it's hot and raising the roof over and over and over again on every ride. To no surprise, the post kept up without missing a beat. While it was mid-summer in SoCal so we can't really talk about its extreme wet weather performance, we battled another issue here. Dust, and lots of it. With a short rainy season this year the dust and “powder” has been really bad. Providing a great real world test to how the Loam Post will stay working as intended. With my time on the Loam Post, I had zero issues, I started by setting up the post to the max PSI rating, as I like my post to return fast and swift. The return speed stayed consistent with our time on the post, never having an issue, getting sticky, or slowing down." - Liam Woods, Wrench Captain & Media Tester/Writer/Rider
PNW Components Loam Dropper Post with Customizable Mid Cap

Killer Value! - Verified Customer Review

"The Loam is everything I’ve been looking for in a dropper post - long travel, reasonably short stack height, smooth action, all at a great price. I’ve only got a couple hundred miles on the post, but I’m totally satisfied so far. My 200mm post, paired with a Loam Lever and air pressure toward the higher end of the specified range, is awesome. Huge upgrade from other posts I’ve used in the past!" - Daniel C., Verified Customer

For more information on the Loam Dropper Post, check it out here on the PNW website.