Vital MTB collected their member's reviews of dropper posts and our $199 Cascade went toe to toe with some heavy hitters. What was the result? Out of the seven featured we received the highest rating, along with the Fox Transfer. We're especially happy about this because these are aggregated unbiased reviews. Here's our snippet of the review:

There's power in numbers, and collectively Vital MTB readers put in more trail miles and try out more products than our team of professional reviewers ever could. With over 17,000 reviews and 15,000 products in the Vital MTB Product Guide, it's a great place to find real-world opinions and compare product specs. Here are seven popular dropper posts with product impressions from riders just like you:

PNW Components Cascade Dropper Post

The Good

The Bad

  • Goes up quick but not catastrophically quick
  • Works consistently, even in the cold
  • External routing on a 150mm post
  • Price
  • Finish could be better
  • Remote feels a little cheap

Key Impressions

"The PNW has been very consistent regardless of temperature. Speed wise, it's probably just a touch slower than a well bled Reverb, but that works for me being that I'd like to keep the family jewels intact. I don't notice any play at the seat clamp, and it hasn't sagged on me at all. One of the biggest reasons I went for this post was the [low] stack height. Ultimately I would say that the PNW Cascade is a great seatpost for a variety of reasons, and the biggest one is that I don't notice it when I'm riding. I can press the lever and the post goes where I want it without hesitation." - cmmahnke