suspension dropper post

THE COAST POST: A Dropper with a Twist

We have a secret we haven't been keeping very well: Dropper posts aren't just for trail bikes. Turns out they're pretty jazzy on everything from gravel bikes, to trekking rigs and commuters. We put them on all our personal bikes and everything became approximately 80% more fun.

Suspension Dropper Seat Post

This got us thinking, how could we make a dropper post that addressed the needs of riders in all types of situations? The Coast is our answer. It's the world's first suspension dropper post, combining 40mm of tunable air suspension with up to 120mm of saddle dropping convenience. 

Having some suspension housed in the internals of your seat post means your bike absorbs some of the bumps in the road before they get to your derrière, this can be great if you ride a bike with no rear suspension like cross country hardtails, gravel rigs or pot hole battling commuters. One of our PNW crew members, who shall remain nameless, demonstrated this squish in action:

*Please don't try this at home kids. 

Growler cushioning suspension isn't the only thing the Coast offers. If you're an avid mountain biker it's no secret that dropper posts make descending down the trail safer and more fun by getting the seat out of your way. While droppers offer this same feature across all biking disciplines, the benefits of these seat posts for everyday use go beyond better body positioning on declines.

Let's face it, when your saddle is at the proper height dismounts can be inelegant. A dropper post allows you to avoid this with the push of a button, taking you to a flat footed position when you want, and easily returning you to your proper saddle height for riding once you get going again. This alleviates any awkward moments like starting and stopping in city traffic, or getting on and off a bike packed up with gear - or really, if your hips are just extra tight and creaky like ours. 

The Coast Dropper Post is available for 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 seat tube diameters, it comes with internal and external routing options. The 27.2 versions offer 110mm of travel, while the 30.9/31.6 models offer 120mm of drop.