The Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

The Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Not sure what to get the mountain bikers in your life? As you know we’re a fickle bunch. To get gifting ideas for the cyclists on your list, we’ve rounded up the PNW crew to tell us what they’re getting their riding buddies:

As an extra, I would say tire pressure can literally make or break a ride. The Specialized Air Tool MTB floor pump is super accurate, has an easy-to-read dial, and significantly reduces the amount of time I spend cursing the people in my riding group that refuse to check their tire pressure, forcing me to be a one-man Nascar pit crew. (NO THAT'S NOT OCD!)

Todd F, Director of Product

A fresh pair of Shuttle Shorts with a fresh pair of bibs is a great gift to get a cyclist back off the couch after way too much “holidaying.” My preference has been the new Rapha Core Bibs, they have both standard and cargo versions now so you can carry extra shit with you.

Katy, Inside Sales

Obviously a Pebble Tool, it's a gift that can be used for more than just one purpose and on any kind of bike. Plus it fits in a pocket! AND a bell (because everyone hates those but they’re funny), a favorite is the Spurcycle a beautifully designed piece of handlebar candy.



Nathan, Customer Service

First, The Ozone Jersey, because it's not just for biking, it makes a great ski base layer as well. I always am gifting a few water bottles, as you never can have enough of them. And for those who do back to back wet weather rides, this hand and glove dryer is a game changer.

Todd C, CEO
I'm getting Shuttle Shorts for my friends. But, I'm only giving these to the people I truly like. Not only do these shorts do all the things you'd expect from an MTB short, but the Shuttle Short also has the absolute best cell phone pocket ever sewn into a cycling short, full stop. Also, the Hario Cold Brew Bottle. It's under $30 and lets me push my coffee addiction onto those around me that I love the most.

Alex, Graphic Design

The Rover Hip Pack is perfect for those trailside heroes. It can fit all the gear and snacks to save fellow riders in a pinch, plus a few beers for after the ride.