Rover Hip Pack: Sparkling Reviews

Rover Hip Pack: Sparkling Reviews

We know, we know, everyone makes a hip pack these days. There are many hip packs out there, but the Rover is ours, and we think it is the leader of the pack(s). Our trusted sources have put it to the test, and time and time again the Rover takes the lead with sparkling reviews for comfort, tidiness, and all the little details that make it our favorite. Don’t take our word or it though, read on dear rider.


“Most of my time with the Rover pack has been hot summer days, with a lot of trail riding. The padded material has been one of the more notable design features of the Rover and is what appealed the most when considering it to other bags. It is extremely comfortable for long rides and is rather breathable.”

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“I was immediately impressed by all the organizer sleeves and zippered compartments built into this little hip pack. They’re all well-positioned, thoughtfully proportioned, and allow you to keep items separated and easy to access. I found this to be the main design feature that makes the Rover stand out from other hip packs we’ve tried.”

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"When it comes to weatherproofing, so far, I’ve got zero complaints. Everything I’ve carried inside the Rover has stayed dry. It also cleans up easily enough, once the mud has dried off, and doesn’t look too shabby once you’ve brushed it away. It dries in a reasonable time, too.”

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“Over the past few weeks, I have been able to take the Rover out as my primary pack, for quick afternoon rips through to long afternoons in the high desert. 2.7L is just about the right amount of space for any half-day ride. The pack has enough room for tools, tube, Co2, a shell, and water to fit comfortably. The waistband fit is one of the better designs I have tested – it never came loose and I was able to dial the fit in very quickly.”

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“Well made with well thought out features, available in four great colour schemes, and designed to go the distance; the Rover Hip Pack from PNW Components is a superb addition to your off-road carry – allowing you to pack the essentials for an enjoyable adventure.”

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