Riding Moab with Kyle Warner and Awesome MTB

Riding Moab with Kyle Warner and Awesome MTB

It's safe to say that Moab, Utah is incredibly different from the Pacific Northwest. That's such an obvious statement that it's almost a waste of a sentence.. Once you trade the PNW dirt for red rock, the tall Evergreen trees for Blackbrush shrubs, and a wet climate for a dry, desert climate, what's really left to tie the two locations together? For starters, mountain biking. 

Moab is home to more than 10 trail networks and over 1,000 miles of trail (no, we did not accidentally add a 0) with a little something for riders of all skill levels.  One of Moab's most popular trails, which is certainly not for beginners or the faint of heart, is the double black diamond rated Captain Ahab. While the upper portion of the trail consists of a handful of rocky climbs, the lower portion is primarily downhill oriented and if its technical sections don't get your heart racing, the exposure to cliffs and ravines most likely will. 

PNW Squad member Kyle Warner recently journeyed to Outerbike's Moab event to sample the local trails, test out some new tech in the MTB world, and he even joined Mo and Hannah from Awesome MTB for a lap down the legendary Captain Ahab. Follow the painted dots and enjoy the cliff's edge from the safety of your office chair, and then start planning your trip to the Utah sun! 

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