Product Release: Cascade Dropper Post

Product Release: Cascade Dropper Post


Ensuring riders across all price points receive the highest quality bike components available, we’re proud to announce the newest member of our dropper post family. Learning from customer’s feedback on our Rainier 30.9 dropper post (which averages 4.9 star reviews on our website and Amazon), we bring you the Cascade.

The Cascade gets its name from a mountain range that boasts some of the best riding in North America. Extending from British Columbia to Northern California, the beautiful and rugged Cascades are home to some of our favorite riding spots here in the Pacific Northwest. With these trails as our inspiration we attacked product development head on with some key improvements:

  1. 50g lighter weight
  2. 19mm shorter overall length for compatibility with a wider range of frames
  3. Increased travel from 120mm to 125mm
  4. Redesigned alloy hydraulic damping cartridge
  5. 2-bolt micro adjust head
  6. Cable entry at the mid cap, allowing for fixed cable positioning (why is this good?)

The Cascade is available in both 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and the best part of all, it remains at just $229. The Cascade is available for purchase at,,, Amazon, and in US bike shops through our distributors J&B & BTI.

Here are some quick specs on the dropper: 


  • Redesigned lightweight sealed alloy cartridge
  • 125mm Travel
  • 9 & 31.6mm Diameters
  • 2-bolt Micro Adjust Head
  • Fixed External Routing at the Mid Cap for clean cable routing
  • Shorter Overall Length than Rainier allows for a more universal fit across bike models
  • Measurements: 
  • Infinite Adjust: why should you be forced to choose a position?
  • $229.99

More information on the Cascade and our other products can be found at

About PNW Components:

Emily & I founded PNW Components with a mutual hate for how expensive bike parts are. This fired us up to do something different. The team we put together has decades of experience working for top bike brands in the industry and we leverage the strong relationships we’ve made with leading manufactures to directly benefit our customers. This unique business model means you get high quality bike parts for a fraction of the cost, leaving money in your wallet to do other things. Like buy burritos. We love those too.

So how are we different?

  1. Our team has proven success in the industry. Working for the high-end and highly influential brands, we’ve collaborated with innovative leaders and their manufacturing partners. These industry leaders have taught us the ins and outs of delivering high quality product with a focus on what riders want.
  2. Low overhead costs. Funding world cup race teams, getting full-page spread ads in magazines and hiring marketing or branding consultants is pretty cool and also pretty expensive. These costs need to be paid back through the sale of the products and often times increase your price at check out. We don’t expect to be a marketing powerhouse, instead we want to attract you with great product and fair pricing.
  3. We buy direct. I’m sure you’ve heard all those classic jewelry commercials over the years, “BUY DIRECT AND SAVE”. Well, there is something to be said about not going through layers of middlemen. We get our parts directly from manufacturers, don’t have a large staff and focus on online marketing, which saves you money in the process.
  4. Approachable product in mind. Not everyone is an elite level racer or professional bike mechanic, nor strives to be. We choose and develop products that are easy to install, easy to service and work consistently time after time. Our parts happen to work at the same level of our competitors, but don’t require intensive tuning or frequent servicing, so you can focus on riding on your bike.
  5. Customer input appreciated. Lastly, without you as our customer, we’re just a business concept with some products, but not a real company. We feel having great products and an experienced team isn’t enough, therefore we value your feedback and take it very seriously. Seriously, holler at us.

We hope you like our products and make sure to stay tuned as we continue to release more. And, if there’s anything you see missing in our lineup that you want, let us know.

Thank you,

Aaron Kerson, Owner