The Post Ride Burrito

The Post Ride Burrito

One of our favorite post-ride burrito recipes involves homemade salsa (because everything is better when it doesn't come from a bottle, except for tequila, don't make that at home) and a slow cooker. In for a Saturday ride and feast? Here's what we will be making this weekend.

First things first, the base of our burrito is this barbacoa recipe from the folks at Downshiftology. It's a healthy dose of ingredients, but all it takes is a slow cooker and a full day out riding on the trail to let the magic happen. 

Next up? Our Really Red Salsa.

Just like our Really Red colorway, this is a sauce that honors those days when the trail gets zesty. Because homemade salsa just hits different. 

Do you have post-ride go-to feasts? If so we'd love to see them. Hit us up on Instagram or Facebook and watch this space for more burrito inspiration.