Why is this Range Handlebar so dressed up? Read on to find out.

We love that there is something about mountain biking and cycling that attracts the creative types. We could argue there is creativity required in riding singletrack, finding the best line, seeing a rock as a booter instead of an obstacle. There’s also the risk factor, putting yourself out there on a trail, that’s similar to sharing your art with the world. So what happens when you combine the two passions? Art and the Bike? Well if you’re extremely talented it looks like Made Rad by Tony.

pnw components, made rad by tony, bike handlebarA window into the process: Tony Baumann in his Spray Booth.

I met Tony when we were working at Specialized’s Dealer event, we were paired up for our product presentation, where we would introduce our new line up of bikes to the brand’s US Dealer base. At the time Tony was working as an SBCU Instructor (the education wing of the company), while I was a product developer for the mountain bike team. I remember him telling me that someday he wanted to paint frames, which I found fascinating at the time because I thought of him as a great instructor and people person, I had no idea he was an artist as well. Fast forward a year or so and that's exactly what he started doing on nights and weekends out of his homemade paint booth. Word spread fast and next thing I knew Tony was doing projects for world class athletes and celebrities. Heads were turning and rightfully so, Specialized eventually offered him a position in the Graphic Design department, but he had other ideas.

Alchemy in Process: Mixing Paints.

Since then, we’ve both become owners of our own businesses, as well as Washington State residents, enjoying all the riding PNW has to offer. I recently visited his digs in Bellingham, WA. Arguably the bike mecca of our state, and certainly one of the most infamous riding areas in the PNW. With trails reachable from his doorstop, he was quoted in a recent Bike Mag article, "I love Bellingham. If I ever leave it will be against my will." His partner in crime, Keely, is also a badass artist and rider, and owns Ground Keeper Fenders. It’s connections like this in the bike world that makes us excited to be a part of it and we like sharing these connections with you.

Behind the Scenes of Made Rad.

Anyway, why was I there and why does this all matter? Well, I’ve always wanted a custom painted Made Rad component or bike, and we think YOU might too. That’s why we are super excited for our PNW giveaway, featuring a one of a kind, hand painted Range Handlebar and Stem by the maestro himself.

PNW Components, PNW Handlebar, Range HandlebarIn the Process: Beginning the Painting on our Range Stem

Giveaways are always fun, they remind us of listening to the radio as kids and trying to call in to win tickets to the local summer or holiday concerts. While you don’t have to call us, we do need your name and email to register for the giveaway. So don’t forget to sign up here

Entering into the competition not only makes you eligible for a chance to win an out of this world (we couldn't resist) galaxy painted cockpit set up, it also gets you on the list for future giveaways, and - spoiler alert - there's more than one of these pairs coming up for grabs. Each contest will be held with different conditions and partners, so be sure to sign up to see what's coming next.

PNW Components, Range Handlebar

A close up of the finished product.