Introducing PNW Cycled

Introducing PNW Cycled

The idea behind PNW Cycled has been in the back of our minds since we started this company. We always wanted PNW Components to be first and foremost about the rider and getting you products that worked flawlessly at a fair price. A major component of being able to deliver on this promise is through online sales. This allows us to cut out distributor price mark ups and have a one on one relationship with our customers and small dealers. While e-commerce can be a great way for customers to shop, there is always a small window for error in finding the right size and fit. This is especially true with dropper posts, where determining size goes well beyond the typical spectrum of “Small, Medium, Large”. What this means is we facilitate a few product exchanges each month.

We will always swap out product if it doesn’t fit your bike, but what happens to those perfectly functional posts once they come back to us? If they’ve been installed or lightly used by another customer we can't sell them as new and they just end up sitting in our warehouse. A lot of product gets thrown away in the bike industry because of this reason and its never sat right with us when we've seen this done in the past. We whole heartedly believe that any small steps we can make towards a circular economy are necessary ones. This is where PNW Cycled comes in. 

So join us in our digital ribbon cutting ceremony - just joking, we aren’t that fancy and can never find the scissors in our house when we need them - for our second hand shop PNW Cycled. We have a team at our warehouse meticulously checking each returned dropper post that comes back, refurbishing when needed and giving them a chance at a second home. These posts are sold at a great discount to you and are in perfect working condition besides potential scratches and small blemishes. We back up each purchase with a 1 year warranty and will be continuing to update the shop with inventory as it fluctuates with what’s coming in to be exchanged for something new. 

We are constantly looking at ways we can make small steps towards a better future so generations after us can enjoy shredding on this planet. We know this is only one small step in a huge global picture and used gear is hardly a new idea (we highly recommend checking out REI’s used program, as well as Arc’teryx and Patagonia’s Worn Wear). But we will keep pushing our brand to think of more sustainable methods along our journey. Thank you for being on this ride with us and we hope you check out the new shop!

Much love in these strange times. We hope you’re staying safe and sane out there.

PNW Components Owners