Find Your Sauce

Find Your Sauce

We’re currently getting sloshed around by spring rain showers, but we’re also daydreaming of the hot and dusty days on the trail, when staying hydrated is no joke. From quick hot laps after work, to extra long days on the mountain, we have the bevie selections for you. We’re not dieticians or anything, but we know a thing or two about pounding some sauce. Keep your energy up, and your body quenched, and for those feeling the party pace vibe, we’ll get you ready for those rowdy cx hand-ups in the fall.




Skratch Labs - Hydration Everyday Drink Mix

We’re big fans of this Everyday Hydration Mix from Skratch Labs - well, we’re big fans of Skratch Labs in general. Their products are focused on real ingredients with minimal sugar and no weird additives. Everyday Hydration Mix is a super refreshing unsweetened electrolyte boost. No excess sugar, with a crispy burst of citrusy goodness. Excellent when your muscles need a little somethin’ somethin’ that H20 isn’t packing. A must-have water booster for folks who sweat a lot.


Good ‘ol H2O

Did you drink enough water today? Don’t forget to fill your bottles before you hit the trailhead. You can’t go wrong with nature’s #1 sauce. What more needs to be said here?


Athletic Brewing - N/A Hazy IPA

Not all N/A beers are created equal. This one is legit tasty. Great for when you want a crispy can back at the parking lot, and even greater for never having a hangover, ever again. Not just for weekday tailgating, but awesome all the time. Athletic Brewing is also readily available at many major grocery stores these days, some other varieties include their Upside Dawn Golden and Run Wild IPA.




Skratch Labs - Hydration Sport Drink Mix

Think OG lemon-lime Gatorade mix, only it tastes good and it won’t make your throat burn in that freaky weird way. Hydration Sport Drink Mix will help replace electrolytes lost in sweat, it also provides a little energy boost with calories from natural sugar. Lemon and lime oils deliver a tasty punch of citrus flava. Or our top pick, the Fruit Punch flavor is a hella good Hawaiian Punch dupe, sans high fructose corn syrup and mysteries. Great for long days on the mountain, easy on the palate and the tummy.


Tailwind - Endurance Fuel

If you’re really gonna go big out there it’s super important to keep the calories coming in. Tailwind Endurance Fuel also means you can pack light and ditch the gels because it’s loaded with your complete calories, electrolytes, and hydration needs. It’s easy on digestion and the flavors are clean and light with no added dyes. Endurance Fuel will fer sure get the job done when you need hydration and energy. Taste wise the team has mixed feelings about it, varying from “it’s fine and works great” to “it’s not the drink for me, but great when you’re desperate for energy, kinda chalky.”


Katadyn - BeFree 1.0 L Water Filter Bottle

Sometimes you plan a really long route, sometimes things don’t go as planned. It’s hot, you’re tired, you’re deep in the backcountry somewhere, you think you’re close to the trail you went to scope out…but you’re out of water. This portable water filter comes in clutch for these oh-f*ck moments. It’s a great little plan ahead buddy to have for bikepacking, or just ultra-long days on the trail. The 0.1 micron microfilter is tested to protect against harmful organisms, removing protozoa (99.99%) and bacteria (99.9999%) to EPA standards, plus it’s easy to fill and BPA-free. Learn more about ultra-light water filters from our friends over at




Red Gatorade

We said party pace ok, and sometimes you need a little Red40 with your salty sugary electrolytes. Fruit Punch Gatorade is a classic for any ride day, and if you can handle the little bump from that sweet red dye, then this is the thirst quencher for you. It’s not “what plants crave” but it’s pretty dang close. If you’re not down with the Red Gatorade then you’re likely just a haterade.


Buzz Balls - Tequila Rita

Not everyone is familiar with the antics of Folsom Rodeocross but some of our team members here at PNW are regular rough riders out there at the Folsom Rodeo. It’s a fast and grueling, super dusty course. Nothing beats riding so hard you feel like you’re gonna barf, and then being handed a little ball of Tequila Rita. We’re not actually recommending you drink these, but if you want to be a hero during CX season you’ll be a champion and practice receiving handups, it’s the only way to ready your gag reflex for what happens out there on the course.


Modelo Especial

Ok, we are actually recommending you drink these (preferably after your ride). Hot summer days when party pace is the vibe, you cannot go wrong with a low-ABV cerveza. Modelo is basically just seltzer water with calming properties. Get your chill on and kick back after a good old-fashioned party-pace day on the trails. They're also an excellent libation for celebrating after a hardy day of trail work.