Butte Strong: Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

Butte Strong: Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

PNW Squad member and Butte County native, Kyle Warner, is joining forces with his sponsors to give away $8,000 of product in order to help the victims of the Camp Fire in Butte County, California find a new sense of normalcy in their lives. Please read the article below to see how you can enter the raffle and change the lives of those in need. 


The fundraiser is open until June 10th, 2019 and the winner will be selected 4 days later. Raffle details below.

As many of you know, we had one of the largest and most deadly fires in United States history rip through the Butte County Community last November. The fire took the lives of 86 people, as of now there are still 3 people missing, nearly 20,000 homes and structures were lost, and over 30,000 people in the area were displaced. Since last November, the people of Butte County have been slowly rebuilding the pieces of their lives and are trying to find a new normal. 

Immediately after the fire, there was a surge of financial and material aid to the area and it was a little tricky to find ways we could help without being in the way or distracting from even greater fundraising causes.

Kyle Warner, Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

Now, as time has passed and people have begun to overcome some of the immediate needs post-tragedy, we wanted to come together and put on a really fun and unique fundraiser to help the kids and families in the area find a sense of community, as well as navigate some of the post traumatic stress they have been dealing with. 

Kyle Warner, Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

The goal of this fundraiser is to raise around $30,000. The primary donation of around 75% will go towards paying for therapy sessions for families that are still struggling with the emotional damage caused by the Camp Fire. We have partnered with a local non profit, Chico Velo, to help distribute the funds. 

We, as a society, tend to focus our energy on getting peoples' material lives back in order after an emergency and often gloss over how the victims may be feeling. Tragedies like these leave more than physical scars, and it is important that the victims have the opportunity to examine what has been inflicted upon them emotionally. My hope is that we can help families navigate this extremely trying time and that they can gain some of the tools necessary to begin the healing process by covering the cost of family therapy sessions.

Kyle Warner, Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

The second portion of this donation, roughly 25% will go towards buying bicycles and equipment for the newly formed Butte County N.I.C.A. (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) sanctioned high school mountain biking team. Our goal is to provide the team with a small library of bicycles in various sizes, that kids in Butte County can borrow to ride and practice on throughout the year. We want to help them find a healthy outlet. Nothing makes life better than finding a sense of community and belonging, and we hope that by reducing the costs associated with joining the team we can get some kids outdoors and riding bikes with a great new group of friends!


To raise funds for this great cause, we will be selling entries to a sweepstakes with $8,000 worth of goods to give away, including a full carbon Felt Decree Mountain Bike. The base entry fee is $10, which buys you 10 entries, and you have the option to purchase more entries if you wish. The more entries you purchase, the greater your chances, right? Here is the price scale:

  • $10 = 10 entries
  • $25 = 30 entries
  • $50 = 75 entries
  • $100 = 200 entries
  • $500 = 1200 entries

The fundraiser closes on June 10th, 2019, and the winner (selected on June 14th) will then be drawn from the pool of entries using Rallyup.com and their random selection tool.

The grand prize winner of this sweepstakes will win a full carbon Felt Decree Mountain bike in the size of their choice! The Winner will also get a full riding kit (helmet, jersey, shorts, gloves, and pads) from Fly Racing, glasses from PitViper, a full bicycle care package (oils, lubricants, and wash supplies) from Maxima USA, and a bunch of snacks and goodies from ONNIT!

After the winner is selected, I (Kyle Warner) will personally build up your bicycle, package it and ship it off to you with all of the other goodies!

But wait, there's more! We will also be giving away signed memorabilia from pro athletes all over the world. Riders like Jill Kintner, Brandon Semenuk, Matt Hunter, Jeff Lenosky, Kurt Sorge and more! 

So if you have an extra $10 to spare please do yourself a favor and buy an entry into this awesome sweepstakes :)


Grand Prize Breakdown: Yes you win all of this!

Kyle Warner, Butte County Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

If you want a more in depth breakdown of everything we are giving to the winner, see the outline below.

Kyle Warner, Felt Bicycle Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

Frame: Felt Decree 1 Frame, Size of your choice, Color Grey
Fork: SR Suntour Durolux, 150mm travel
Shock: SR Suntour Triair, 205mm x 65mm
Wheels: Complete Stans Flow Wheelset
Tires: Michelin Wild Enduro Front and Rear
Drivetrain: Shimano XT Drivetrain, Shimano XT crankset
Brakes: Shimano XT Brakeset, Shimano XT Rotors, 180mm F&R
Handlebar: PNW Range Handlebar
Stem: PNW Range Stem
Seatpost: PNW Bachelor Dropper Seat Post 150mm Of Travel
Saddle: Ergon SM Pro Saddle
Chainguide: One Up Components Bash Guide
Pedals: One Up Components Aluminum Pedals
Decals: Custom Decal Kit From STIKRD.com

Kyle Warner, Fly Racing Apparel, Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

Helmet: Fly Freestone Helmet
Jersey: Fly Rippa 3/4 Jersey
Shorts: Fly Maverick Shorts
Gloves: Fly Media Gloves
Glasses: Pit Viper Double Wide Glasses
Kneepads: Fly Lite Pads

Kyle Warner, Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

DynaPlug Tire Plug Kit, And Feedback Ride Prep Kit

Kyle Warner, Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

Bio Wash, SC1, Chain Pro, Assembly Lube, and Degreaser

Kyle Warner, Butte Strong Camp Fire Support Fundraiser

Onnit Protein Bars, Electrolyte Mix, Shroom Tech Sport, and Alpha Brain 

After the winner is chosen, all of the individual bike parts will be sent to me (Kyle Warner) and I will help a bike shop in the area assemble the bike and ship it out to you with all the other goodies in the box!